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Carbon Raises $260 Million

CNET reports on stereolithography startup Carbon, which has just raised another $260 million in a funding round.  This new influx of funds “should help the Silicon Valley startup create even more unusual materials.”

The possibilities are almost endless.  Indeed, Carbon’s Chief Executive Joseph DeSimone outlines what his company could now invest in: “products made from multiple materials with different properties and colors directly injected into different parts of the design.  For example, they could make dentures with separate materials for the base and the teeth in one process instead of gluing the two components together, products which are easier to recycle.  One example: dental models people wear to gradually straighten their teeth, which end up in landfills today, larger products that don’t sacrifice the fine details and smooth surfaces the company can create today…” the list goes on…

As CNET adds: “Carbon’s approach is similar to that of other 3D printing companies: build components or objects layer by layer, creating shapes that aren’t possible with conventional casting, molding or machining methods. What’s different is the company’s specific method, called Digital Light Synthesis (stereolithography), which carefully directs ultraviolet light upward through a special window to solidify a liquid resin.”

As DeSimone poetically puts it: “light is our chisel.”

Carbon earns its money via a subscription service providing its customers “access to a printer -either the older M2 or the newer L1 introduced in February that’s about the size of a refrigerator and can print larger objects.  Customers pay for resins separately, including some directly from Carbon and some from third-party suppliers.  The M2 starting cost is about $50,000 per year, but with resin sales, Carbon pulls in about $70,000 a year from each.  The L1’s annual revenue is closer to $200,000 per year.”

This latest round of funding “now gives Carbon a $2.46 billion valuation.  The investment, co-led by Madrone Capital Partners and Baillie Gifford, will also fuel international expansion.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Carbon and CNET

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