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Chanel Finally Unveils 3D Printed Mascara Brush

3DPrint reports on an exciting announcement by the fashion industry juggernaut Chanel.  Chanel has finally unveiled their 3D printed mascara brush, which has been in the works for over ten years, since 2007.

“Chanel Parfums Beaute, together with its French partner, Erpro 3D Factory, is changing up the brush manufacturing process by increasing flexibility and saving time and money for forgoing expensive, time-consuming molds.”  This new 3D printed mascara brush is called Le Revolution Volume mascara.

Erpro 3D Factory, specializers in large-scale 3D printing, “have designed a joint production line with [Chanel].  The line has six 3D printers, which can produce a total of 50,000 brushes per day – this equals out to 250,000 brushes per week, for a total of up to 1 million brushes each month.”

Chanel first filed a 3D printing patent all the way back in 2007, “for manufacturing cosmetic products applicators, which included a 3D printed mascara brush.  Fabricating the brush via 3D printing introduces flexibility to the production process, as Chanel was able to manufacture as many inexpensive prototypes as needed in order to test out and determine the best brush formula.”

Production of Le Revolution Volume mascara is expected to begin in June of 2018.  “Several patent applications protect the process, in which layers of polyamide powder are polymerized using a laser beam to 3D print the mascara brush.  The powder 3D printing method allows Chanel to produce the specific shape of the brush, which it wouldn’t be able to do with other, more conventional manufacturing methods.  This shape allows the mascara to be distributed homogeneously on the user’s eyelashes.”

La Revolution Volume mascara brush will be available in Canada starting in the fall of 2018.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint and Chanel

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