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China to Establish 3D Printed Moon Colony

3D Printing Industry reports on a startling new announcement made by China’s National Space Administration back in mid-January.  Apparently, CNSA has “announced plans to be the first country to establish a base on the moon” using 3D printing to create the housing.

This announcement was made by officials in Beijing at a press conference for the State Council Information Office (SCIO).  This follows on the heels of the “Chinese lunar exploration mission, Chang’e 4, which achieved the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon at the beginning of” 2019.

Deputy Head of CNSA Wu Yanhua, along with announcing “the launch of another lunar exploration (Chang’e 5) at the end of the year,” also added: “we hope to test some technologies, and do some exploring for the building of a joint lunar base shared by multiple countries.  For example, can we build houses on the moon with lunar soil using 3D printing technology?”  The agency also “has plants to send a probe to Mars in 2020.”

This international moon colonization plan utilizing the wonders of additive manufacturing’s many positive qualities is actually quite fascinating.  Already, the United States and the International Space Station have been utilizing many of 3D printing’s facets – and it would appear China is now enthusiastically jumping on board as well.

Time will tell if a lunar colony will one day be fully 3D printed and functional.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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