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Cleveland Cavaliers’ Championship Rings Created Using 3D Printing

3DPrint discovered a fascinating tidbit concerning the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship rings.  Apparently, they were developed using the wonders of 3D printing!

As many of you are already aware, the Cleveland Cavaliers achieved their first NBA championship this year by coming back in a seven-game series against the Golden State Warriors.

Hailing from a city starved of championships, the Cavaliers knew they had to commemorate the occasion in style.  Baron Championship Rings was commissioned to create the players’ rings.  They are the heaviest NBA championship rings ever made, “at 165 grams, and there are over 400 diamonds on each one.”

Obviously, these rings were no small design task: “there’s an immense amount of detail in the design.  Not only does the design include the year and the team name and logo, it’s customized to each player with name and number, and includes numerous other details like the etching of the city skyline.”

For this reason, Baron uses a process relying heavily on 3D printing.  “Once the design is sketched, it’s then turned into a 3D model and printed in wax, which is used to cast the final metal piece.  Baron has been using 3D printing in their manufacturing process for a while now, and the technology has numerous benefits.”

According to the company, “3D printing speeds production by 30% without compromising the detail or integrity of the design.  While older processes require that rings be crafted in multiple pieces and in standard sizes, resulting in the need for resizing and a tendency for the shape to warp, with 3D printing, each ring can be manufactured in one piece and in custom sizes, with no limit to the level of detail and customization…offered.”

Just hear how Baron’s employees expound upon 3D printing’s many capabilities: “through the last few years there’s been some great leaps in the technology, and…using 3D printing really allows you to get off the standard even more than before.  It allows you to make basically anything that comes to mind now.  You’re not restricted to just attacking the design from one dimension anymore.  You’re allowed to spin it; you’re allowed to think upside down, inside out, whatever it takes to get the perfect ring made.”

Video, Image, and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint, Baron Championship Rings, the NBA, and the Cleveland Cavaliers


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