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Croatian Artist Bruno Juričić 3D Prints Pergola

Curbed was recently on hand to witness some truly beautiful and awe-inspiring 3D printed art.  Recently, the city of Venice in Italy hosted the Venice Architecture Biennale.  For the Croatian Pavilion, Croatian artist Bruno Juričić debuted his Cloud Pergola, which is a 3D printed structure.

This pergola is made up of various “airy columns” rising to a ceiling, in support of a porous roof.  “Juričić worked with Arup to develop the shape, which was created with generative algorithms using parameters like the room’s shape, the archetypal form of Mediterranean pergolas, and desired porosity in order to inform the pergola’s final form.”

This pergola takes up 620 square feet, and as a result of which, “is one of the largest structures made using 3D printing technology.”  However, Juričić’s pergola appears and feels quite lightweight, “thanks to its latticed form.  It’s built from 100,000 extruded plastic pieces, which were connected together like a daisy chain by robots.”

In all, the pergola is made up of “661 pounds of 3D printed biodegradable material.”  This is an impressive feat of art, engineering, and architecture – particularly due to its airy and latticed form.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Curbed and Jan Stojkovic

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