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Cube: The Next Generation


3D printing industry juggernaut 3D Systems announced the launch of the Cube 3 3D Printer along with the Cube Pro 3D Printer at CES last month. 

According to Gizmag, the company has families in mind for the Cube 3.  “The new sub-US$1,000 unit undercuts the $1,299 price of last year’s Cube 2, while also upping maximum creation size and adding a new mobile app for more convenient printing.”

The Cube 3 is larger than its predecessor, “measuring 13.3 X 13.3 X 11 in (33.5 X 33.8 x 28cm) and weighing 17 lb (7.7kg).”  It also has the ability to “print two materials and two colors at the same time.  Using recyclable ABS and compostable PLA plastic available in a range of over 20 colors, dual jets allow for mix and match dual color and dual material objects.  Its maximum creation size of 6 X 6 X 6 in (15.25 X 15.25 X 15.25) is a slight upgrade…it also features an auto-leveling print pad and 75 micron resolution prints, courtesy of preloaded filament jets.”

The Cube 3 is recommended for children over eight, and is therefore a perfect fit for families.  Especially when used in conjunction with the companion smarphone app (which is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows), “which lets users browse through other people’s designs or connect to the Cubify online platform.”

On top of this announcement, 3D Systems also previewed a high-end 3D printing solution, the Cube Pro.  “Geared toward the more professional end of the market, the device is capable of printing objects a considerable 10.75 X 10.75 X 9.5 in (27.3 X 27.3 X 24.1 cm) in size and three colors simultaneously.”

The Cube 3 and the Cube Pro are both set fort a 2014 Q2 release, with the Cube 3 retailing for under $1,000 and the Cube Pro for under $5,000.

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Gizmag    

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