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Cubibot Raises More Than $150,000 on Kickstarter in First Hour

Digital Trends reports on Cubibot, a brand-new desktop 3D printer.  Startlingly, in the first hour of Cubibot’s Kickstarter campaign, its developers raised more than $150,000.  At this point, they’ve raised “more than $500,000 from nearly 1,700 backers.”

Cubibot is based in the San Diego Innovation Center.  They plan to sell their new 3D printer for $149 per unit starting in February of 2018.  As Aria Noorazar, Cubibot’s co-founder explains, “we’ve been perfecting Cubibot for over two and a half years to achieve a smarter, safer, and easier-to-use personal product that makes 3D printing accessible to the masses and it does not require 3D printing expertise.  If you can set up and use a regular printer, you can use Cubibot.”

The Cubibot features “a fully automated smart self-leveling build platform, the ability to print in PLAs, ABS, nylon, and other materials, an easily accessible web-based platform, a high-temperature nozzle, and plug-n-print capabilities…The Cubibot prints in resolutions of between 50 and 300 microns, with print speeds of up to 80 millimeters per second.  The machine comes loaded with CubiSoft, the web-based software allowing for an easy out-of-the-box experience.”

Noorazar concludes: “we hope to give people the freedom to create their designs whether they’re already 3D printer pros or if they’re completely new to 3D printing.  We invite the existing 3D printing community and newcomers who would want to support our mission to bring easy-to-use, compact, safe, remote, smart, and affordable 3D printing to the masses.”

Video and Image Courtesy of Cubibot

Quotes Courtesy of Digital Trends

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