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Danish Technological Institute to Open 3D Printing Facility

3D Printing Industry reports on a recent announcement by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

This independent not-for-profit R&D institution, which is headquartered in Taastrup, Netherlands, “is to open a $14.5 million 3D printing center.  The new ‘AM-LINE Center’ (named for its AM-Line 4.0 parent project) will feature manufacturing facilities, training resources for SMEs, and professional advice on investing in 3D printing.  It is set to open at the site of the DTI’s existing Aarhus facility in the Spring of 2018.”

As DTI’s Product Development Lead Claus Erichsen Kudsk explains, last year a report by the non-profit claimed “only 4% of Danish SMEs were making use of 3D printing technologies…neighboring nations had a more competitive edge because of their investment in 3D printing.  Faster and easier development of prototypes is especially a prerequisite for continuing to maintain competitive jobs, but also to maintain a high level of product innovation and to have opportunities for a faster launch for new products.”

The AM-Line Center, which has already been constructed, “will offer SMEs access to four metal 3D printers and a variety of plastic 3D printers.  The facility will also offer post-processing equipment, surface treatment, and quality assurance with CT scanning.”

DTI’s Section Leader Jeppe Skinnerup Byskov added: “small and medium-sized businesses are particularly missing out on the competitive advantages of 3D printing.  The technology is so fashionable that even small businesses can benefit greatly from the big potential of 3D printing.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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