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Dremel Enters 3D Printing Arena

According to Extreme Tech, “one of the biggest names in power tools is trying its hand at the future of manufacturing with a new 3D printer.”

Dremel has recently announced the Idea Builder, which “is intended to be the first truly mass-market 3D printer with a competitive price, compact design, and a name people know.  The price is quite attractive – the Idea Builder will be on sale soon for $1000.”

The printer will only have a single-extruder, “meaning you can only load a single color of plastic filament at a time.  The printing platform is non-heated, so this printer is intended for use with PLA plastics only.”

However, the size of the Idea Builder’s build area is favorable to that of its more expensive competitors.  “The build area is 230mm X 150mm X 140mm (9 inches X 5.9 inches X 5.5 inches)…Printing resolution goes as low as 0.1mm, the same as [The MakerBot Replicator 2].”

“The device was developed in partnership with Chinese manufacturer Flashforge and is based on that company’s Dreamer 3D printer…Internally, the Idea Builder is based on the same ARM Cortex-M4, a low-power chip ideal for signal processing.”

“Dremel’s 3D software was developed with AutoDesk.  It works on both Mac and Windows allowing you to see a 3D rendering of the build file before it’s printed.  You can move, rotate, and scale parts as well.  Dremel says it intentionally left out some more advanced features like manual temperature control, rafts, and infill percentages.  This makes the printer less intimidating to use, but Dremel may add some of these features for advanced users later.”

“The Dremel Idea Builder will be available in Home Depot stores and on Amazon starting November 3.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Extreme Tech

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