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EchoPixel: 3D Imaging for Surgical Planning

Over at 3DPrint, there is a feature concerning the medical company EchoPixel.  According to EchoPixel’s website, the company “renders patient-specific anatomy in an intuitive, interactive virtual reality format, leading directly to increased clinical knowledge, faster operations, and better care.”

“True 3D, from EchoPixel, is an advanced medical visualization software solution.  It offers physicians an unprecedented opportunity to view and interact with patient tissues and organs in a truly 3D form, as if they were real physical objects.”

“Virtual reality tools from EchoPixel are already in use at such medical centers as Stanford University, UCSF, the Cleveland Clinic, and Cook Children’s Hospital – the last of these even having established a dedicated 3D lab bringing together 3D printing with EchoPixel technology for use in heart surgery applications.”

EchoPixel’s new 3D printing capabilities were “built on the foundation of the company’s True 3D Viewer software, which converts DICOM data sets into life-sized VR models.  Already able to virtually interact with the models, these users will now be able to set the desired anatomy and orientation, then send it off to be 3D printed.”

EchoPixel cites the many advantages of 3D modeling in medical applications: “improved communication and collaboration among different members of the surgical team,…enhanced pre-operative planning and better interactive understanding of unique anatomy [which] can be used as a reference during surgery, mirror-image modeling used for reconstruction templates, practice on models for surgical residents’ resident work hours, and increased patient education.”

Ron Schilling, EchoPixel’s CEO, is excited about the prospect of his company using 3D printing technology: “3D printing is a game changing technology, but it’s not yet accepted as a widely effective clinical tool, primarily due to the cost and time restrictions.  EchoPixel’s Interactive Virtual Reality is a complementary technology that can enable truly effective 3D modeling for the first time.  It has the potential to dramatically reduce time and cost investments.”

“[EchoPixel’s True 3D] provides fast and easy methods to create 3D models and export them to a 3D printer.  It also allows medical professionals to import 3D models for quality assurance of complex, material object print cases.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3DPrint and EchoPixel

Video Courtesy of EchoPixel

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