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Entire Eindhoven Neighborhood to be 3D Printed

Mother Nature Network reports on astounding news out of the Netherlands.  Eindhoven, which is the Netherlands’ fifth largest city, is the home of the world’s first 3D printed concrete bicycle bridge.  But now the city can etch itself even deeper into the legacy of additive manufacturing.  It is now to be the home of the world’s first concrete 3D printed commercial housing project.

This project, which is being dubbed Project Milestone, will consist of a cluster of five rental homes near Eindhoven Airport.  Project Milestone is being sold as “living in a sculpture garden…modern-day Stonehenge…Bedrock by way of Bauhaus.”  Project Milestone is spearheaded by the same team from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) which created the 3D printed concrete bicycle bridge.

These homes will be “excreted from a massive 3D concrete printer…concrete printing is relatively speedy compared to traditional building methods, is low-cost, and is environmentally friendly.”  The team believes that by the time Project Milestone has been completed in 5 years, 5 percent of homes in the Netherlands will be 3D printed using similar processes.  One of the great things about 3D printing livable spaces is that they can be customized to fit the needs of the people who want to live there.  Truly a democratization of living spaces.

Project Milestone’s press release concludes: “The 3D printing technique gives freedom of form, whereas traditional concrete is very rigid in shape. This freedom of form has been used here to make a design with which the houses naturally blend into their wooded surroundings, like boulders. As if the five buildings were abandoned and have always been in this wooded oasis.”

Images and Quotes Courtesy of Mother Nature Network

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