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First 3D Printed Bridge Opens in the Netherlands

For a while now, we here at Replicator World have been monitoring the conception and development of a stainless-steel 3D printed bridge in the Netherlands’ capital city of Amsterdam.  The company MX3D, who are building that particular bridge, say it is a third of the way done.

However, an entirely different 3D printed bridge elsewhere in the Netherlands has been causing quite a stir.  In fact, The Guardian reports that this bridge, located in the southeastern town of Gemert, has just had its grand opening.

This eight-meter (26 foot) bridge “spans a water-filled ditch” and connects two roads.  It was created by researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology in conjunction with the BAM Infra Construction Company.

Its creators say it was “printed from 800 layers of concrete and is able to withstand the weight of 40 trucks.”  However, this bridge was designed primarily to be used by cyclists.  Work on the bridge “took about three months after starting in June and it is made of reinforced, pre-stressed concrete.”

As the researchers responsible for the project explain, “one of the advantages of printing a bridge is that much less concrete is needed than in the conventional technique in which a mold is filled.  A printer deposits the concrete only where it is needed.”

Marinus Schimmel, the head of the BAM Infra Construction Company, concludes: “we are looking to the future.  We are constantly searching for newer, smarter approaches to addressing infrastructure issues and making significant contributions to improving the mobility and sustainability of our society.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The Guardian

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