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First 3D Printed Skyscraper to be Erected in Dubai

The Independent reports on a major new announcement made by a construction firm based out of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  Cazza, the firm, “announced plans to build the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper…it will be erected in the United Arab Emirates.”

Of course, more and more houses and other buildings are being 3D printed around the world – but 3D printing an entire skyscraper is another feat altogether!  Typically, skyscrapers are buildings which rise (at the bare minimum) 40 or 50 stories above the ground.  How will Cazza 3D print such a structure?

Well, Cazza says they will utilize “a new technique called ‘crane printing’ to create the building.”  As Cazza CEO Chris Kelsey explains: “when we first thought of implementing 3D printing technologies, we were mostly thinking of houses and low-rise buildings.  Developers kept asking us if it was possible to build a 3D printed skyscraper.  This led us to begin researching how we could adapt the technologies for taller structures.”

“Through our technologies, we will be able to build architecturally complex building at never before seen speeds.  It is all about economies of scale where the initial high technology costs will reduce as we enter the mass production phase.”

Cazza has yet to announce exactly how high this 3D printed skyscraper will end up being, but “concrete and steel will be two of the materials printed by the company’s cranes [on this project.]”

Cazza’s Chief Operating Officer, Fernando De Los Rios, explains their company’s crane printing technique: “the crane printing system can be easily adopted with existing cranes which means we don’t have to build cranes from scratch.  We are adding new features to make it adaptable to high wind speeds along with the use of our layer smoothing system that creates completely flat surfaces.  You won’t know it’s 3D printed.”

Cazza hasn’t released word, yet, on when (or where, exactly) this project will break ground.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The Independent

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