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Formlabs Releases Dental LT Clear

Business Wire caught wind of a recent press release from Formlabs, “the designer and manufacturer of powerful and accessible 3D printing systems.”  Formlabs has announced the release of Dental LT Clear.

Dental LT Clear are the first orthodontic devices 3D printed long-term as biocompatible resin for orthodontic applications.  “Formlabs also released improvements to its Dental SG Resin, reducing print speeds for surgical guides by up to 50 percent.”

Formlabs Chief Product Officer David Lakatos boasts: “since entering the dental market in 2016, Formlabs has quickly established itself as the premier player in dental 3D printing.”  [EDITOR’S NOTE]: Invisalign might have something to say about that… “[Formlabs] now command the largest dental 3D printer user base, have sold thousands of printers to dental professionals, and are growing at a pace of over 600 percent year on year.  All of this has catalyzed an industry-wide shift to 3D printing and digital dentistry.”

With the release of Dental LT Clear, Formlabs can now “3D print splints and retainers in less than 50 minutes for a single unit.  Full-build platforms, with up to seven splints, can be completed in under two hours.”

The latest PreForm software update also gives Form 2 3D printers the ability to improve their speed when it comes to producing Formlabs’ Dental SG Resin.  “Single surgical guide prints will now be 50 percent faster, while full builds benefit from a 20 percent speed boost.”

Formlabs’ Dental Product Lead Gideon Balloch adds: “we couldn’t be more excited by how quickly 3D printing is becoming part of the standard of care in dentistry.  Over 50,000 surgeries have been performed with a Formlabs printed surgical guide – and that’s just 10 percent of what dental users are doing with our printers.  Dental LT Clear adds yet another digital workflow to a library offering professionals more efficient, accurate, and affordable production methods, enabling faster treatments for patients with better clinical outcomes.  It’s only going to continue to grow.”

Image Courtesy of Formlabs

Quotes Courtesy of Business Wire

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