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French Family First Humans to Live Inside 3D Printed Home

The New Daily reports on some historic 3D printing news coming out of France.  Apparently, a French family have become the first humans to live (full time!) inside a 3D printed house.

This house was designed by a team of researchers from the University of Nantes.  The team devised it “as a social housing project in conjunction with the local council.”  This 3D printed home took only 54 hours to print, “and was built by a robot using a combination of a specialist plastic polymer and concrete.”

The house, which stands at an impressive 95-square-meters, “boasts a highly efficient insulation, and sensors monitoring air quality, humidity, and temperature.”  The team from the University of Nantes “hopes to transform the construction industry; making houses cheaper and more sustainable.”

This goal they have achieved.  In fact, the house “costs 20 percent less than an identical house built with traditional construction methods.”  As University of Nantes Professor Benoit Furet explains, “once you’ve printed it you’ve used very little material and produced zero waste.  The advantage of 3D printing is it enables us to have far richer solutions in terms of the shape of the house, much more interesting for architects than the traditional construction of straight walls.”

The council wished to “see if they can make this type of construction mainstream, and secondly, to see if the same construction principles can be applied to other public building such as sports halls and communal buildings.”

The council’s technology lead, Francky Trichet, concludes: “for 2000 years there hasn’t been a change in the paradigm of the construction process.  We wanted to sweep this whole construction process away.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The New Daily

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