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Full-Color Desktop 3D Printer

TechCrunch reports on the latest announcement by XYZprinting.  XYZprinting, makers of the popular Da Vinci line of 3D printers, have just “announced the $3,000 Da Vinci Color.”

“This 3D printer uses inkjet technology to inject color directly into the filament as it is printed.”  This is unlike previous full-color at home 3D printing solutions, which “required the use of nylon powder or multiple filaments for mixing enough colors to simulate full-color printing.”

XYZprinting’s Da Vinci Color “simply sprays that color into the hot PLA filament it uses to print plastic objects, resulting in full-color objects.  Spools of filament cost $35 and the ink costs $65.  The system also offers almost unlimited colors.”

As XYZprinting’s press release reveals: “the industry’s ultimate full-color 3D printer, XYZprinting’s 3DColorJet solution enables the Da Vinci Color to mix and fire CMYK color droplets onto PLA filament for accuracy and precision.  The printer’s technology achieves the full-color spectrum of 16 million color possibilities across printed layers in finished 3D products.  The proprietary technology combines color detail, which has been perfected in inkjet printing, with advanced, professional 3D printing technology.”

Compared with other “full-color” desktop 3D printers, XYZprinting’s Da Vinci Color “can actively color small parts of a print [instead of simply printing] bands of color by swapping filaments.”  This innovative full-color desktop 3D printer will begin shipping soon.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TechCrunch

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