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Georgia Tech Students 3D Print Miss Georgia’s Shoes

CNET reports that 3D printed shoes were shown off at “the traditional ‘Show Us Your Shoes’ procession – where Miss America hopefuls wear fancy footwear honoring their home state.” 

Specifically, Maggie Bridges, Miss Georgia, “sported a pair of custom-engineered wedges inspired by the ‘Ramblin’ Wreck’, the 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe that serves as student body mascot at Georgia Tech, where Bridges is a senior.”

Georgia Tech industrial design students Maren Sonne, Jordan Thomas, and Julia Brooks designed the shoes.  The shoes “feature a finely detailed laser-cut grille with 3D-printed headlights; a laser-cut black and gold pattern on the heels; and little 3D printed wheels, complete with tread details, along the sides.”

It took Sonne, Thomas, and Brooks “about four weeks and $400 to transform the $60 Moda wedges into wearable retro sports cars.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of CNET


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