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Graphite AM Joins Bloodhound LSR Team

3D Printing Industry reports Graphite AM, which is a British engineering service bureau and consultancy firm, has joined the Bloodhound LSR supersonic car project as “an official 3D printing partner.”

Graphite AM will apply “its SLS expertise and support the team’s ambitious goal of breaking the land speed record by supplying lightweight and high strength parts for the vehicle.” A company spokesperson elaborated: “we at Graphite AM have been delighted to be supporting the Bloodhound SSC project and have built an array of parts large and small. We are a small cog in a very big wheel and are proud to be supporting the project.”

This news comes on the heels of the Bloodhound team “confirming they would be trying for a 500 mph test run in October following the successful acquisition and relaunch by Yorkshire businessman Ian Warhurst in March this year.”

The Bloodhound LSR pilot and current World Land Speed Record Holder Andy Green “praised the manufacturing methods being applied to help the team reach above 1000 mph on land.” Green says, “even something as simple as a piece of ducting tells a fascinating story about the cutting edge technology being used in Bloodhound…[the SLS technology] produces a tough, high-temperature-resistant component in almost any shape. Just what we need, as this is very much next-generation technology.”

The Bloodhound is “powered by two engines – one a Rolls-Royce jet engine and the other a hybrid rocket thruster…so far, as of 2017, the Bloodhound LSR has completed its first recorded runway test attaining a speed of 200 miles per hour. Ramping up this effort, the vehicle has now been cleared for a 500 mph run on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. Once this stage is complete, the team intends to tackle the record-breaking 1000 mph mark in late 2020.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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