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HP to Bring 3D Printing Tech to India Q1 2018

The Economic Times has reported a further expansion for HP in the 3D printing market.  Two years ago, HP launched their 3D printing tech globally.  Now, in Q1 2018, HP plans to launch their 3D printing tech into India.

As HP Inc. India’s Managing Director Sumeer Chandra explains, HP is launching its 3D printing tech into India much earlier than the company had originally anticipated: “there is a lot of talk about Industrial 4.0, which is a new way to describe the manufacturing transformation that’s going to happen, and it will be enabled by the internet of things, cognitive computing, and cloud.  One of the key pillars of it will be 3D printing.”

“Globally, we are working with companies like Johnson & Johnson to print 3D parts that can be inserted in the human body – like an artificial hip or a dental implant.  Initially, HP will offer 3D plastic printers and we will introduce metal 3D printing whenever it is available.”

Specifically, HP will be launching their Multijet Fusion 3D Printer into the Indian market.  The Multijet Fusion 3D Printer is capable of printing “plastic parts – body implants, car panels, and manufacturing prototypes.”

Already, HP’s Multijet Fusion 3D Printer has been sold in markets such as Australia, China, and Japan.  “The starting price for such devices is $100,000 (approx. Rs 65 lakh), although HP declined to discuss any India-specific pricing at present.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The Economic Times

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