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HP Expands 3D Printer Portfolio

ET Tech reports HP has just announced plans to expand its 3D printer portfolio with a new line of low-priced color 3D printers.  The new “Jet Fusion 300/500 series of color 3D printers will enable small to medium-sized product development teams, design businesses, universities, and research institutions to access its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.”

The first of these 3D printers shown off was the HP Jet Fusion 340/380, which are aimed at customers with “smaller part-size needs or typically print fewer parts per build.”  Along with the HP Jet Fusion 340/380, HP also announced the slightly larger HP Jet Fusion 540/580, which are aimed at customers “with larger part-size needs or heavier production demands.”

“The HP Jet Fusion 540 will be a monochrome variant with a pricing of Rs 1 crore while HP Jet Fusion 580 will be a color variant priced at Rs 1.5 crore.  Both the printers are available for order…and will begin shipping from April 2019.”

As HP Inc. India’s Managing Director Sumeer Chandra explains: “by expanding our portfolio with the Jet Fusion 300/500 series, we are providing users the ability to prototype and produce new designs and applications on the same platform and stay ahead with a future ready technology for voxel control beyond color.”

HP’s Head of 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing for Asia-Pacific & Japan, Rob Mesaros, concluded: “HP is committed to transforming Asia’s $6 trillion manufacturing industry, with its diverse collection of global brands and contract manufacturers.  We are making the most advanced 3D printing technology accessible to the widest possible audience with the industry’s first low-cost full-color 3D platform, which can produce functional parts – no matter your industry or design complexity.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of ET Tech

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