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HP Eyes Full-Scale Additive Manufacturing Production

Global Newswire recently ran a press release from HP.  HP showcased its additive manufacturing progress at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference, which is the world’s largest 3D printing user event.

According to HP, customers around the world have really been ramping up 3D printing installations.  In fact, more than 3 million HP Multi Jet Fusion were produced in 2017 alone.  At the AMUG conference, HP “showcased new large-scale customer deployments and [a] Reinventing HP With Multi Jet Fusion program as the industry accelerates its journey to full-scale 3D printing production.”

As stated by Wohlers Report 2018, “the production of functional parts, including functional prototyping, is now the industry’s leading additive manufacturing use-case and the demand for production-grade parts is expected to continue to grow exponentially.  As the market leader, shipping more plastic production 3D printers than any other company in the world, HP is delivering both unprecedented capabilities and economic advantages to its manufacturing customers, and also embracing its own technology to transform the design, production, and distribution of HP products worldwide.”

HP’s President of 3D Printing Stephen Nigro concluded: “our mission is to change the way the world designs and manufactures with 3D printing.  We are seeing an increase in high-volume 3D production as the industry accelerates its journey towards a digital future…as one of the largest manufacturers in the world, HP is also leveraging our own technology to transform our product development lifecycle to help lower costs, speed time to market, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sustainability across our business.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of HP and Global Newswire

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