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HP Launches Jet Fusion 5200

CNET reports on a recent announcement made by HP.  HP is launching the Jet Fusion 5200, which is a 3D printer “designed for large-scale manufacturing.”  The Jet Fusion 5200 “could create more profound changes than the more common 3D printers used to build prototypes.”

According to HP, ‘high-volume’ manufacturing is “a market with more potential for profound change than the more common 3D printers used to build prototypes, or, like HP’s earlier Jet Fusion 4200, for small-scale production.”  For now, HP has yet to disclose their pricing plans for the Jet Fusion 5200.

HP is also announcing a partnership with BASF, which will give customers the capability of 3D printing “with the flexible plastic called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with the HP Jet Fusion 5200.”  Already, wind turbine maker Vestas has used this thermoplastic polyurethane in order to 3D print “impact-absorbing clamps.  HP also showed off a helmet made using the material internally.”

As Chief Executive of 3D printing company Sculpteo (an HP partner) Clement Moreau elaborates: “the 3D printing industry is still maturing.  For example, [Sculpteo] was outbid by a traditional manufacturing on a recent contract to manufacture some elements of a train station.  3D printing large metallic parts is quite expensive.”

Moreau is encouraged though: “people will definitely need a lot of engineering mockups and visualization mockups [from 3D printing for a multitude of engineering projects.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of CNET

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