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HP Opens 3D Printing Lab

As reported by Engineering, HP is planning to open a 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab for 3D printing at their 145-acre site in Corvallis, Oregon.

Previously, HP “unveiled and began shipping an entirely new additive manufacturing technology known as Multi Jet Fusion (MJF).  With high-throughput flexibility and the ability to produce industrial-grade parts, the technology holds great promise for the use of additive manufacturing in mainstream manufacturing.”

At the new 3D Open Materials and Applications Lab for 3D printing, “HP’s material partners can collaborate with engineers to develop, test, and receive feedback on new powders for the MJF platform…beginning with four material partners – Arkema, BASF, Evonik, and Lehmann & Voss – HP aims to allow any material manufacturer to develop powders specifically for 3D printing on MJF printers.  Once approved by HP, the powder would be sold in a model similar to the Apple Store.”

As Tim Weber, HP’s Global Head of 3D Materials and Advanced Applications and General Manager of the Corvallis site explains, “there’s no way that HP itself can develop and certify the 30,000 materials made by all the material companies in the world.  Working together in a hands-on, agile development environment enables us to test and certify materials that are compatible with our MJF technology.”

“For this reason, HP developed the 3,500-square-foot Open Materials and Applications Lab, equipped with MJF printers in various states of assembly, as well as analytical tools, including laser point scanners and shear testers.”

“New materials can be tested in the lab, first for such properties as distribution across the printbed and compaction within the build chamber, and then, during the actual build process, as HP’s fusing agent is applied and the infrared lamps fuse the particles together.  The material can subsequently be tested in actual HP 3D printers.”

Weber describes the 3D printing division at Corvallis as a ‘startup within HP.’  “Computers and printers remain the bread and butter of HP.  But, just as inkjet technology eventually replaced the original calculators with which HP began, 3D printing could become the largest division within the company in the future.”

Image Courtesy of HP

Quotes Courtesy of Engineering

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