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ICON Launches Vulcan II 3D Printer

3D Printing Media Network reports on a recent announcement made by the company ICON.

Last year, in March of 2018, ICON, an Austin, Texas startup, gained worldwide attention when it 3D printed a $4000 house in 24 hours, using its Vulcan I 3D printer.  This project “was the result of a collaboration with non-profit organization New Story and promised the world affordable, rapidly deployed housing could soon become a reality.”

Following the success of their project last year, ICON received an investment of $9 million, “raised through a seed round led by Oakhouse Partners.  This investment has enabled the company to push its construction 3D printing technology forward.”

Now, the startup has announced the launch of a Vulcan II 3D printer, which will be available this month.  The Vulcan II marks ICON’s first commercial construction 3D printer.  This machine “is capable of 3D printing livable homes, offering resilient, dignified housing around the world.”

ICON’s Vulcan II 3D printer “has a build capacity spanning 8.5 ft in height and 28 ft in width (the print length is apparently infinite). The machine also boasts a rapid deposition rate of between five and seven inches per second. In terms of build materials, the 3D printer is exclusively compatible with ICON’s proprietary Lavacrete, a material made from Portland Cement which demonstrates a compressive strength of 6,000 psi when printed, resiliency and high thermal mass.”

Additionally, it requires only four to six people to operate.  The Vulcan II is a gantry-based 3D printer, “operated using an integrated tablet-based operating system, which enables the users to intuitively and easily monitor and control the machine. The 3D printer also comes with ICON Studio, a CAD and print planning platform capable of converting floor plans into printable structures, as well as a suite of sensors enabling fast, reliable, and precise printing.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Media Network

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