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IKEA Helps to Develop 3D Printed Gaming Stool

Fast Company was highly amused to discover furniture giant IKEA, in collaboration with educational e-sports group Area Academy and 3D printing medical company Unyq, is using individualized scans of people’s backsides in order to develop a personalized 3D printed gaming stool.

According to the three companies, their goal was “to develop ergonomic equipment for a better gaming experience for the 2 billion gamers around the world.”  Indeed, this is sorely (haha) needed.  Back in 2016, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) published a report claiming “the average [American] gamer spends about six hours a week playing games.”  This trend will only continue to rise.

So it is vital seating for gaming is comfortable and healthy.  Although “at first glance IKEA’s invention [appears as] a fairly typical hydraulic stool, [in actuality], on top sits a two-panel mesh platform, which has been 3D printed to conform perfectly to the contours of one person’s bottom.”  Sounds heavenly.  Like sitting on a cushion of clouds.

IKEA hasn’t gone into specifics about how this sort of stool would work in a store, but presumably “it would require both a 3D scan and a 3D print.  IKEA has stated that as futuristic as this sounds, the company does intend to commercialize this concept by 2020.”

While ergonomic furniture could be great for gamers, this sort of personalized technology could prove lucrative with the average consumer as well, which would explain IKEA’s interest in its development.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of IKEA and Fast Company

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