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The Impact of Apple’s ARKit on 3D Printing

Apple has recently announced the ARKit, and a new era of augmented reality has begun.  Computerworld wonders what this new world will look like for 3D printing.

“Apple’s move to introduce AR support at a platform level with ARKit means developers – including hardware developers – can now develop sophisticated solutions for a huge market of customers.  They can rely on Apple’s core platforms to develop and deliver integrated solutions that can become part of everyday life.”

Apple’s ARKit “provides a system 3D designers working with other platforms (Unity et al) can develop to….the arrival of ARKit will inevitably kick-start evolution of 3D [augmented reality] design tools.”

“It will soon be easy and accessible for people to get into 3D printing of things they design in Apple’s 3D environments. We’ll see it becoming a key tool for fast product prototyping, and…it’s incredibly likely we’ll also see the evolution of a new form of 3D art…boosted by Apple and ARKit…the 3D industry is about to escape the hobby segment and become mainstream. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

Augmented reality “isn’t just about finding things in imaginary space, but will also enable a new industry of bringing imaginary things into the here and now.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Apple and Computerworld

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