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India Develops 3D Printed Jet Engine

Both The Financial Express and Defense World report on a startling new development for the 3D printing industry in India.  Intech DMLS, which is a metal 3D printing provider and metal additive manufacturing establishment in India’s aviation sector “has announced the launch of the country’s first indigenously developed Jet Engine series.”  Intech DMLS, which was established in 2012, has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

India becomes the fourth country, after the US, Europe, and Israel to develop such 3D printing-related wizardry.  These engines will be primarily used for drones.  These new engines, dubbed MJE 20s, are to be “under the brand name Poeir Jets, promoted by Poeir Jets Ltd., an R&D subsidiary of Intech DMLS.”

The MJE 20 3D printed jet engine features thrust of 20 Kgf.  Intech DMLS says they are hard at work on another 3D printed jet engine, the SJE-350, which will have a thrust of 350 Kgf!  The SJE-350 3D printed jet engine will be used for “strategic applications.”

As the Founder and Managing Director of Intech DMLS Sridhar Balaram concludes: “[This is the first time a 3D printed jet engine has been developed by a private establishment in India.]  This augurs well for the industry in looking inwards for innovation in the high technology aviation sector.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of The Financial Express and Defense World

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