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IRIS: A Paper 3D Printer

Dr. Conor MacCormack is the co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies.  During the development of their first product, the Matrix 300 3D printer, he was the mechanical lead.  However, with their new printer, the IRIS, Mcor had a highly specialized team led by Fintan MacCormack, who is the other co-founder of Mcor, as well as the CTO. 

Mcor printers service a need for commercial grade, high quality machines addressing the issue of high total cost of ownership and offering a technology with a TCO at a fraction of the cost. 

Matrix 300 

Their first foray into the 3D printing world was the Matrix 300.  As Dr. MacCormack says, “the problem in the market (as we [saw] it) [was] high costing and inaccessible consumables.  The Matrix 300 operates using sheets of regular letter sized office paper and a water based adhesive to produce tough, durable, and eco-friendly parts.”

Mcor wanted to build upon the path trail blazed by the Matrix 300 while maintaining their extremely low cost and eco-friendly “ethos”.  They knew that their customers desired full color 3D prints, so they began developing the IRIS.  The IRIS is indeed a full 3D color 3D printer.  “We see color as an essential offering to our customers- we think in color so our 3D parts should be in color.” 

“It operates on the same principal as the Matrix 300 – in that it uses sheets of letter sized paper and water based adhesives, however it deviates from the Matrix 300 in that now full color 3D images are printed onto the models as the models are being made with specialized Mcor inks.” adds Dr. MacCormack, “The printer improves on the Matrix by creating full 3D color photo realistic models…the IRIS produces sharp vibrant prints: printing to a pure white media produces better color authenticity and reproduction when compared with other color 3D technologies.”

However, if your company has a cheaper budget, you may still want to consider the Matrix:  “The Mcor Matrix 300 achieved some level of color or ‘ply-color’ as we call it, by introducing colored paper into the paper feed tray to produce layered color parts.  Obviously, this isn’t the full 3D color experience, but is a great alternative for those who do not need the full color IRIS, as by placing any range of color sheets into the paper feed can achieve a level of colorization.”

But the Mcor IRIS is designed with a large variety of customer in mind.  It targets anyone requiring high quality, tough, robust, colorful, and eco-friendly parts.  “In general [the Mcor IRIS] will address current needs in GIS, Entertainment, AEC, product design, and consumer markets…The color resolution will be 300dpi with over 1 million color with the best color fidelity in the industry.”   With the IRIS you can even take a recognizable face of a loved one from a photo and print it in 3D! 

Dr. MacCormack describes the printer best: “Misconceptions of what a paper part might be like are thrown out the window when smooth, tough, precise, and eco-friendly parts are placed into the hand for the first time.  The addition of the color IRIS machine brings this experience to the next level, producing photo-realistic 3D parts for the first time.”

Photos Courtesy of Mcor

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