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Italian Startup 3DRacers Seeks Funding

As The Guardian first reported, an Italian startup has launched a crowd funding campaign.

3DRacers has developed a game they describe as “a cross between Scalextric, real-world Mario Kart and app-controlled toy Anki Drive – with a 3D printing twist.”  This crowd funding campaign is on Indiegogo, with the goal of raising at least $25,000.  They’ve already raised $26,790. 

The 3D printed toy is a game that involves toy cars racing around a track on the floor.  These cars are 3D printed and controlled via a smart phone app.  The game’s main appeal, however, is the customization of the cars. 

“Players will create their cars using an online tool, then either download the files to print their parts if they own a 3D printer, or get them printed locally by one of the more-than 10,000 members of the 3DHubs 3D printing network.”  This will allow those who do not own a 3D printer to get in on the action. 

The 3DRacers cars also come with ‘pilot electronic boards’ supplied by the company.  “Players with more technical skills will be able to hack the board and edit the interface of the smart phone app.

The 3D printing startup company’s goal is to target schools that are teaching their kids programming skills.  “One of the rewards in its crowd funding campaign is a $400 ‘classroom’ edition aimed at schools and non-profit organizations, including an education eBook.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of The Guardian

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