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Joachim Froment Designs 3D Printed Furniture from Recycled Plastic Waste

Design Boom reports on Belgian designer and artist Joachim Froment, who has used recycled plastic waste to 3D print furniture designs.

This collection of sustainable furniture, which Froment has dubbed ‘Strat,’ “includes chairs, stools, tables, and other pieces of furniture.” The 3D printer he used was developed by Colosus. It is “portable and can be easily transported to areas which produce high quantities of plastic waste.”

“Froment designed the full scale objects so they could be printed by a specific 3D printer in less than two hours. By reusing the plastic granule from recycled areas in Belgium, the designer aims to create products made of local recycled materials destined to be sold on a local market and offering a service to recycle the products in order to offer furniture which operates entirely within a circular economy.”

Froment wanted to use additive manufacturing specifically because he realized this “technology could compete with current industrial processes offering a potential new form of industrialization. The adaptable custom-made products offer a new way to create sustainable objects, indeed, an entire sustainable ecosystem.”

As for the furniture’s design, “the closed loop shape of the chair adds mechanical strength to the structure, but it also follows a ‘vase-mode’ process in order to 3D print continuously without interruption, which of course saves time and energy. The organic, soft curves of the chair evoke lightness in order to manifest the importance attached to its materials. The curved splines also improve the mechanical properties and are essential to reinforce the structure of the chair.”

Froment also announced this furniture “will be available from November 2019 on the Benelux Market, and later on will extent its production further into Europe.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Design Boom

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