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Keys to the Future


VentureBeat reports that 3D printing marketplace Shapeways “is teaming up with digital key storage startup KeyMe to let users print their own custom keys in materials like brass and plastic.” 

KeyMe was founded last year and has “already raised $2.3 million.”  The startup’s mobile app allows users to take “photos of their keys, store them in the cloud, and retrieve them if emergencies pop up.” 

Instead of a customer being forced to go on an emergency locksmith visit, which can cost up to $200, KeyMe and Shapeways customers can “pay the company $60 to manufacture and deliver [the keys] within an hour.  (The company is also installing key-making kiosks in five or so 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Manhattan.)” 

Customers will also be able to customize their keys, as illustrated above.

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of VentureBeat              

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