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Kodak Announces Portrait Desktop 3D Printer

ZDNet reports on a recent announcement made by Kodak.  Previously, we have reported on a licensing agreement reached between Kodak and Smart International, “the company which licenses the Kodak name for 3D printing.”

Now, though, the partnership has announced its first desktop 3D Printer: the Portrait, which is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3.  Kodak aims “to capitalize on the 3D printing market, offering a range of cheaper [3D printers] catering to designers, hobbyists, schools, and consumers.”

The Kodak Portrait 3D Printer was created to do just this.  This dual extrusion desktop 3D printer will cost $3,500 and is run by “a Raspberry Pi 3 running on the Raspbian-based 3DPrinterOS.”  The Portrait “features a five-inch color touchscreen with Kodak branding and can be accessed over Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, and USB.”  Additionally, you can hook up this desktop 3D printer to the cloud – the Kodak 3D Cloud – to be exact.

Additionally, the Portrait boasts “a camera [able] to remotely monitor jobs underway.  The device automatically records a time-lapse movie of the job.  The printer employs LED lights to show its status.”  On top of all this, Kodak and Smart International “are selling Kodak-branded 3D filaments, including different grades of PLA, ABS, Flex g8, HIPS, PETG, water-soluble PVA, and two grades of nylon.”

The Portrait is aimed at the professional market and “stands out with above-average print volume of 10 liters.  It fits on a desk and can be carried by a person or two.”  Indeed, Kodak adds, the Portrait’s “filaments are specially manufactured and packaged to ensure low moisture and high dimensional accuracy, and come in a wide color palette, including, of course, Kodak’s Trade Dress Yellow.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of ZDNet

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