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KODAK Launches Portrait 3D Printer

TCT Magazine reports on yet another globally recognized brand jumping on the 3D printed bandwagon.  KODAK, the global imaging brand, has just announced the launch of the Portrait 3D Printer.  Concurrently, the company is also releasing a range of filaments.

The Portrait 3D Printer comes as a result of an agreement KODAK has made with technology solutions provider Smart International.  Before the 3D printer is launched, however, KODAK is launching the KODAK 3D Printing Filament Line.  This line is “designed to deliver industry-leading low moisture content, high melt flow index and precise diameter and roundness for high-quality prints.”

However, the main event will undoubtedly be KODAK’s Portrait 3D Printer.  The company plans to present its new additive manufacturing device at CES in January.  The Portrait features “a dual extruder [with] a build volume of 200 x 200 x 250 mm.”  Additionally, the 3D printer will boast “a sensor which tells the user when filament is running low, a color light signal to indicate the printer’s state, an air filtration system, auto-calibration, and a touch screen.”

CEO of Smart International Roberto Gawianski is thrilled: “we are excited to take the KODAK brand into 3D printing and pioneer a best in class series of desktop 3D printers and materials designed specifically for creative professionals.”

Indeed, the Portrait 3D Printer is aimed at the professional market.  KODAK hopes “its new 3D printing solution will fit well into environments such as architectural studios, creative workspaces, or classrooms.”  KODAK’s VP Director of Brand Licensing Joel Satin admits: “professional 3D printing is a fast-evolving growth category KODAK has had its eye on for a while.”

The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer “is available to pre-order now with a 35% discount on its standard retail price of $2,799 and will begin shipping in March 2018.”

Image, Video, and Quotes Courtesy of KODAK and TCT Magazine

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