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Leo the Maker Prince: A Book About 3D Printing…for Kids!


Leo the Maker Prince, a new book written by Carla Diana, “is the first book about 3D printing that’s targeted towards children.” 

According to Web Pro News, “the plot follows a young girl named Carla who meets up with a robot named Leo. Throughout their journey, Leo uses the power of 3D printing to bring Carla’s drawings to life.” 

Diana hopes her book inspires children to become makers early in their life.  “To help those maker aspirations along, Diana made sure that every object in Leo the Maker Prince can be 3D printed.  So if you have a 3D printer and a child, you can print the objects in the book to help stoke your child’s maker aspirations.” 

All of the 3D printable objects in the book can be found here. 

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Web Pro News

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