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Local Motors to 3D Print EV Car


As reported by Autobloggreen, the public will be able to watch an EV Car being 3D printed at “this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, IL in September.”

“Two years ago, at the 2012 International Manufacturing Technology Show, Local Motors built [a] Rally Fighter [vehicle] on the grounds during the six-day event.” 

Local Motors says it will create the “direct digital manufactured vehicle based on the plans created by the company’s ‘global community’.”  Many of these advanced manufacturing techniques “came from the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and once any kinks have been worked out, the plans could be fairly easily adapted to make EVs that work exactly right for local conditions.”

Bonnie Gurney, the director of communications for AMT, added “Local Motors is undeniably the first disruptive entrant into the US automotive industry in decades.”

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Autobloggreen

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