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Longer3D Launches Longer Orange 10

3DPrint reports on the launch of the Longer Orange 10 by Longer3D. The Longer Orange 10 is an entry-level SLA 3D Printer.

Among the Longer Orange 10’s many features, the machine boasts: “automatic supports to ensure the success rate of complex models, ultra-fast slicing system allowing makers to cut 100M files in tens of seconds, a 2.8 inch full-color touch screen, and high-temperature warning functions.”

The Longer Orange 10 has a print size of 98x55x140mm. This machine can also “print multiple custom products in batches in a matter of hours.”  The Longer Orange 10 is made “entirely of sheet metal, making it more durable than plastic-body SLA printers.”

“With a Z-resolution of 10 μm, the Orange 10 can print castings, architectural models, jewelry, auto parts, just to name a few useful applications. This precision printing is made possible by SLA technology. Whereas FDM printing is achieved through the nozzle, SLA printing instead uses photochemistry to create models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts.”

To explain SLA printing: “the liquid resin material is hardened by a highly focused surface light source, layer by layer. This helps to achieve accurate details and deliver higher quality prints than are possible using FDM. New SLA resin materials offer high performance and durability making them suitable for industrial use.  Adding mineral oil can lubricate the surfaces of the 3D print and hide discoloration.”

While “SLA 3D printers generally range in price from $430 to as high as $5,000, the average price of an SLA 3D printer on the market today is $1,800. But the Longer Orange 10 is currently available for just $268, an affordable enough price point, which could convince 3D printing enthusiasts to switch from FDM to SLA technology.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Longer3D and 3DPrint

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