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Lulzbot Launches TAZ 3.0


Lulzbot calls the latest addition to its 3D printer family “its most refined model ever.” 

According to Tweak Town, the TAZ 3.0 has a new 24v power supply and injection molded parts.  “A new heated bed is powered by 24v which is double the previous voltage, and equates to a much faster heat time than previously experienced.”  The TAZ 3.0 also “moves further way from using other 3D printers to build parts for the new model.  This means that tolerances are tighter” resulting in higher quality prints.

“Lulzbot has designed the TAZ 3.0 to print more than just PLA or ABS (plastic), and in fact can print a much wider variety of plastics including everything from nylon to wood infused plastics.  The TAZ 3.0 is also capable of printing in PVA, Polystyrene, and stone dust infused filaments such as the new Laybrick filament that simulates sandstone.”

The TAZ 3.0’s print area is 298mm X 275mm X 250mm, “which equates to 20,500cm cubed of useable space, and print speed is still high at up to 200mm per minute.”  The TAZ 3.0 has a $2195 price tag.

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Tweak Town 

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