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MakerBot 3D Printers to Connect with Chromebooks

Engadget reports on struggling 3D printing firm MakerBot.  We here at Replicator World have previously reported on MakerBot’s shift in focus towards the education market.  Previously, the company had been heavily focused on the consumer and desktop 3D printer markets.  Well, now the company is acting upon that shift in focus to the education market.

MakerBot has just recently announced My MakerBot, which is “a cloud-enabled browser-based printer monitoring platform that’s compatible with Chromebooks (which are incredibly popular in the classroom) and Autodesk’s Tinkercad 3D design software.”

Additionally, MakerBot is also releasing the MakerBot Educators Guidebook.  This guidebook will provide teachers and other educators the opportunity to develop “lesson plans and nine different 3D printing projects.  Those nine projects are ‘a small sampling of hundreds of lesson plans’ that educators can access via Thingiverse’s Education portal.”

The promising news for MakerBot is that apparently teachers have already downloaded these lesson plans an astounding 14,000 times in the last month alone.  If all goes according to plan, MakerBot’s shift in focus from the consumer to the education market may save it just yet.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of MakerBot and Engadget

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