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MakerBot Launches ‘iTunes’ of 3D Printing


The Times Herald was on hand at CES 2014 during MakerBot’s unveiling of its new digital store. 

The company is hailing it as the ‘iTunes’ of the 3D printing world.  “The game-changing new MakerBot digital store features a host of professionally designed digital 3D models, created by an in-house team at MakerBot, made to be simple and easy to purchase and print with one-touch.” 

Bre Pettis, co-founder and chief executive of MakerBot added that “3D printing can be a bit daunting from the outside, so we’ve created all these 3D designs that you can buy individual models or as a collection – a bit like songs – and create fun for kids and adults alike.”

The digital store will launch with six different collections of models, “primarily based around children’s toys.  The models can be picked up individually for $0.99 or as whole collections of models for $9.99.” 

Although MakerBot previously offered the cloud-based design sharing service Thingiverse, “which allowed users to upload their designs and share them with a community and access them from anywhere with a MakerBot 3D printer,” the new digital store will sit alongside Thingiverse, “augmenting it with professional, proven designs that are guaranteed to work.”

MakerBot plans to use the digital store to discover what works and what doesn’t “collecting data on purchases and user feedback on the models.” 

As Pettis explained: “our objective is simple.  We’re going to learn by what people like, and do more of that.”    

Photo Courtesy of MakerBot

Quotes Courtesy of The Times Herald

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