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MakerBot Ships New Replicator


MakerBot announced their new lineup of 3D printers all the way back at CES, but at that time you could only pre-order the latest edition of the Replicator. 

But now, according to Tech Crunch, those pre-ordered Replicators have begun to ship. 

“To recap, here’s what the new (fifth generation) replicators do that the older ones don’t: “Built-in webcam for monitoring prints,….smart leveling system, which can detect when the print surface is properly leveled (the print bed has to be very, very level on a 3D printer,…you can send prints to the Replicator over your network.”

MakerBot has launched pr-eorders for the Replicator Z18, with “its max build volume (read: the largest object you can 3D print) of 12”X12”X18”…The Z18’s price scaled up along with its build volume.  At $6,499, it’s over twice the price of anything else MakerBot sells.”

The Replicator Z18, according to MakerBot, should ship “sometime this spring.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Tech Crunch

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