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MakeX Launches 3D Printing Backpack

Tech Crunch reports on an interesting marketing twist an additive manufacturing company has developed in order to sell a portable 3D printer.

MakeX is attempting to sell their new Migo 3D Printer.  This printer “is fairly standard.  It prints ABS or PLA plastic and includes modeling software.  It weighs about 4 pounds and has a 100x120x100 mm build envelope which means you can print things like smaller action figures and other fun models.”

So, in order to spice things up, MakeX is also launching a backpack alongside this Migo 3D Printer.  This translucent backpack “is designed to hold a Migo 3D Printer…the backpack fits the Migo perfectly and offers the maximum visibility for your 3D printer thanks to the clear hardshell outer casing.”

Interestingly, the Migo 3D Printer was launched via Kickstarter.  A very successful Kickstarter campaign, we might add, far surpassing its initial $100,000 goal.  MakeX also claims their Migo 3D Printer is “the smallest portable 3D printer.”  Additionally, the Migo 3D Printer boasts a minimalist design, is wi-fi-enabled, has a built-in camera, and one-button operation.

“Migo is equipped with TYPE-C, normally only used in high precision desktop 3D printers.  [MakeX] consolidated the extruder head’s power cord, signal cable, and other components into a single Type-C.  This lets you plug-in and instantly print.”

Aspiring makers who wish to purchase the Migo 3D Printer can pay $219.  The Migo’s backpack is a $70 add-on.

Image Courtesy of MakeX

Quotes Courtesy of MakeX and Tech Crunch

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