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Makness Desktop 3D Printer: Capsule-Based Additive Manufacturing

Geeky Gadgets has discovered a new and fascinating Kickstarter campaign.  The Makness Desktop 3D Printer was developed by a team from Barcelona in Spain.  This fascinating little gadget is aimed for the home consumer market “to be used by all family members.”  But perhaps the most intriguing thing about it is its unique capsule system.

This capsule system “allows you to easily swap out 3D printing filament to complement your needs and printing process.”

In their own words, Makness’s mission “is to bring everybody the possibility of printing in 3D at home…Makness is…a whole 3D printing experience where the printer is just the tool, but not the aim.  [Makness] comprises the whole process…[it’s] as simple as preparing a capsule coffee!”  Each capsule of filament equates to one 3D printed object.

Additionally, Makness is planning to provide a whole online catalog full of 3D models.  Makness users can easily upload their own designs onto this online catalog.  If a user’s design becomes popular enough, according to Makness, they would have the ability to become a Makness freelancer, earning money on each download of their 3D model.

For now, however, Makness is seeking about $159,050 for their Kickstarter, which will last for the next two months.  If Makness’s Kickstarter is indeed successful, the company plans to begin shipping units worldwide by September (2017).

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Geeky Gadgets, Kickstarter, and Makness

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