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Massivit Engineer on the Merits of 3D Printed Signage

Wide Format Online, which focuses primarily on wide format (traditional) printing for the signage industry, recently published a piece by Massivit engineer Matan Weinstein.

In his piece, Weinstein espouses upon the merits of using large format 3D printing (like his company Massivit provides) to create incredibly effective signage.  Weinstein begins by discussing additive manufacturing’s flexibility:

“By creating a design file in 3D from the start, all aspects of the letters can be included in the design process. This means the creative possibilities are limitless. Brands can incorporate unusual shapes, curves, different angles, side textures, and they needn’t produce just one letter at a time… or letters at all for that matter.”

Weinstein then goes on to explain how the speed of 3D printing – as opposed to traditional signage creation methods – effects the entire design flow: “aside from taking less time and reducing the manual intervention required, a solution like the Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer – engineered for large format visual applications, including attention-grabbing retail signage, high-impact vehicle wraps, and track-stopping event and exhibition displays – also features dual printheads, enabling the production of two models simultaneously. This not only offers faster delivery times but reduces the cost to the end customer.”

Weinstein also talks about how 3D printing can really cut down on errors made during the process.  Not only this, but Weinstein waxes poetic about his company’s 3D printers’ abilities: “the Massivit 1800 Flagship 3D Printer and the Massivit 1500 Exploration 3DPrinter enable print providers to produce innovative, versatile 3D printed applications for the advertising, retailing, entertainment, events & exhibitions and interior design industries.”

Unlike other 3D printers, “Massivit 3D printers have been developed to ensure there are far less constraints in terms of the size of printed output. Print providers and brands can literally, and creatively, think big insofar as sign and display production. As such, when it comes to breaking new ground with creative, cost-effective, large-scale signage, such as channel letters, you can write off traditional production methods – large format 3D printing is clearly the way forward.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Massivit 3D and Wide Format Online

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