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MCor Wins Funding from Silicon VCs


The Irish Independent reports Tipperary (Ireland)-born entrepreneur John Ryan, the founder of “what became a €1.4bn ($1.91bn) Nasdaq-listed company” has backed MCor with an investment in the region of €2m. ($2.73m)


Mr. Ryan is also the chairmen of the Louth (Ireland) 3D printed company MCor, “which has just won €15m ($20.48m) investment in new funding from Silicon VCs.”  Mr. Ryan backed the company through start-up investor SVG. 


“It’s a unique company,” Ryan said, “and I’m very proud to be associated with it.  It sold more printers in recent weeks than in the entirety of last year.  The plan is for that rapid sales growth to be sustained and a new desktop version [of its software] to be introduced later this year or in early 2015.  I think it could be a substantial global company, there is a lot of interest from investors, many of whom are talking about taking the company public on the Nasdaq this year, but our objective is building the company and putting it on a secure financial footing.”


Quotes Courtesy of the Irish Independent

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