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Microlight3D Launches Altraspin

Optics reports on a brand new 3D printer release by French-based company Microlight3D.  Known as a “manufacturer of 3D microprinting machines for industrial and scientific applications,” Microlight3D has just recently announced the launch of Altraspin, “a compact 3D printer intended for producing highly complex micro-parts with sub-micron resolution.”

For customers who require high precision and a quality surface finish, Microlight3D’s Altraspin is the 3D printer for them.  The Altraspin is able to aid in the creation of “micro-optics, micro-sensors, and printing shapes capable of fitting inside microfluidic devices.  It is also suited to metamaterials, cell culture, tissue engineering, microbotics, micromechanics, and surface structuration.”

As Microlight3D President Denis Barbier explains: “Microlight3D designed Altraspin to respond to manufacturing demands for more customization and the rapid prototyping of submicron parts not constrained by geometric or organic shape.  We have removed another constraint by extending user choice in the materials available for 3D microprinting.  Altraspin is compatible with a wide range of polymers and biomaterials.  The submicron resolution our technology achieves has been key to our growing success within the scientific community.  We anticipate industrial companies benefiting from the advantages of our 3D printer for micro-parts, reducing time-to-market. ”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of Optics

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