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Microsoft Extends 3D Builder App to Cloud

PC World reports that Microsoft has extended their 3D Builder application to the cloud. 

This will give users the ability “to create and print 3D objects with unconventional materials such as metals and ceramics.”  Microsoft has joined forces with 3D Systems’ cloud-based 3D printing service Cubify.

As 3D Systems adds, “from the designing process, users are directly and seamlessly linked to Cubify where they can order their design to be shipped to their doorstep within 2 weeks…Microsoft’s 3D Builder R5 gives you access to expanded material options beyond what is typically offered by consumer 3D printers.  Materials range from opaque and frosted plastics, to metallic and mixed plastics, to full-color ‘Colorstone’ and even ceramics.”  

Image and Quotes Courtesy of PC World and 3D Systems

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