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More Than Meets the Eye

Malaysia Transformers Expo

3D Systems is at it again!  This time, according to the Guardian, the 3D printing industry giant has hatched a deal with Hasbro, the famous toy company. 

In a joint press release, the two companies said they are working together in order to “co-develop and commercialize innovative play printers and platforms later this year.”  These plans refer to “the entirety of Hasbro’s world-renowned brands”.

Hasbro’s President and Chief Executive Brian Goldner said, “we believe 3D printing offers endless potential to bring incredible new play experiences for kids and we’re excited to work with 3D Systems, a recognized industry leader in this space.”

Though toy makers like Hasbro seem eager to join into the 3D printing melee, other toy companies are reluctant.  Lego press officer Roar Rude Trangbaek stated this in December 2013: “Currently we do not see 3D printing as a viable replacement for the molded LEGO elements of today due to the fact that we have very strict demands for the quality, durability, and safety of our products.  3D printing does not currently live up to these requirements.  In addition there is a high production cost involved, which currently does not make it commercially viable for us – except for prototyping purposes.”  Trangbaek failed to mention any concerns Lego (or any other toy manufacturer, for that matter) might have over 3D printed piracy of toy designs. 

Obviously, Hasbro does not agree with Lego’s assessment of the 3D printing industry.  I, for one, will be waiting with bated breath for my very own 3D printed Optimus Prime, in any case.    

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Hasbro, the Guardian, and Lego

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