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NanoSteel Launches Formetrix

3D Printing Industry reports on a recent announcement made by the company NanoSteel.  NanoSteel, which is based in Providence, Rhode Island, “is a steel materials company specializing in the design and commercialization of new advanced alloys.  The company’s expertise lies in the construction of proprietary steel chemistries and production routes aimed at specific performance requirements.”

Now, NanoSteel is launching Formetrix, a new corporation formed with the aim of accelerating “the commercialization of 3D printing metals.”  Formetrix “will also offer on-demand production services.”

As NanoSteel’s President and CEO David Paratore explains: “Formetrix was formed to provide new, high performance steel alloys to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing within the tool and die and aluminum die cast industries.”

This process will work by the Formetrix corporation producing “patented steel alloys for 3D printed parts for hot and cold forming tool and dies such as molding, casting, and stamping within the automotive, oil & gas, and heavy machinery markets.”  Formetrix’s alloys will provide a plethora of benefits “such as higher hardness and ductility and higher wear resistance relating to [non-3D printing] current alternatives.”

Formetrix has selected the AddUp FormUp 350 3D Printer as its main mode of additive manufacturing.  As the company’s Chief Commercial Officer Harald Lemke concludes: “through the precision capability provided by our new industrial AddUp 3D Printer, we can support both prototyping and volume customer needs more effectively and efficiently.  Using the initial FormUp 350 along with additional finishing equipment, Formetrix will continue to expand its service center capabilities.”

Image and Quotes Courtesy of 3D Printing Industry

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