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Negative Liberty: 3D Printed Guns


Cody Wilson, who published the blueprint for the first fully 3D printable gun last year [The Liberator], has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for a quarter of a million dollars. 

Forbes writes that Wilson, “who leads the 3D printed gun group Defense Distributed” will “write a non-fiction book chronicling his quest to create the first fully 3D printable [gun].”

“The book’s working title is Negative Liberty.  According to Wilson, “the whole point to me is to add to the hacker mythology and to have a very, very accurate and contentious portrayal of what we think about the current political situation, our attitude and political orientation, a lasting remark.  It won’t be a manifesto.  But culturally I hope to leave a couple of zingers…a touchstone for the young, disaffected radical towards his own political and social development, that kind of thing.”

Wilson’s design was downloaded 100,000 times within two days last year.  Wilson believes he “may soon be embroiled in a legal battle with the government over his firearm 3D printing project.”  He jokes that “at least now if I’m in prison, I’ll have something to do.”

But Wilson does in fact plan to use the “book’s advance to fund a court battle.” 

Photo and Quotes Courtesy of Forbes

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