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Next Dynamics Launches NexD1 3D Printer

TechCrunch was on hand to witness a demonstration of Next Dynamics’s brand new desktop 3D printer, the NexD1.  NexD1’s “six cartridge/six print head system (each sporting 200 tiny nozzles) is capable of printing up to six [different] materials at once with a precision of up to 10 microns.”

Next Dynamics explains the NexD1’s system is “essentially a shrunken down and rejiggered version of Stratasys’ PolyJet technology (deemed “DigiJet” by the startup), [which] releases droplets of liquid polymer, [which] are then cured into place with UV light.”

NexD1 is also capable of printing in “different colors, [with] different malleability, and perhaps most interesting of all, the ability to embed circuitry directly into a project.  Among the various print materials, the startup will provide is a copper-based solution for conduction, [making] it possible to build circuits into a full printed piece.”

While the NexD1 is quite large for a desktop 3D printer, it is still possible to fit it into a cramped space.  “It sports a 20 cm x 20 cm build platform and operates…quietly…the printer itself looks a bit like 3D Systems’ old Cube desktop printer, with a full color touchscreen built directly into the front [which] sports a fairly simple UI for jobs the user transfers over via built in WiFi.”

On top of the NexD1 3D Printer are “slots for material cartridges – simple cardboard boxes full of liquid resin with nozzles that look a bit like milk cartons.  Those are set to run $50 to $60 at full retail.”

As for print speed, the New Dynamics team demonstrated the NexD1 printing out Arduino shields – apparently, it takes two and a half hours for it to complete projects such as these.  “This isn’t the sort of printing technology you’re going to want to deploy for direct manufacturing, but the precision on the finished product is pretty impressive, and the detail looks to be in line with [3D printed objects] from Formlabs, rather than MakerBot.”

The New Dynamics NexD1 3D Printer begins shipping this month and costs around $5,499.

Image and Quotes Courtesy of TechCrunch

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